Refer a friend, get rewarded! – Refer your friends to the many exciting job opportunities we have at Suneratech, and if we hire your candidate, we’ll award you based on their level.

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    What is job referral? Job referral is giving recommendation to someone whom you have known, for the job position in the same company where you are working.

    Should I refer someone for a job? Yes, you can refer a person whom you know, because whenever he/she gets a job through your reference they will be always grateful to you and you are also helping your employer in the hiring process which saves time and money.

    What happens when you refer a person to the job? Generally the HR department will check the profile of the candidate and if they feel that the person has the right skills and knowledge which suits the job opening then that person will be called for the interview. Based on the performance in the interview, the management will make a final decision to hire that person or not.